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Published on Thursday, 30th of September, 2004      365938 Reads

Mallika Sherawat says she is a virgin
Let her 17 kisses on screen not fool you. Bindaas babe Mallika Sherawat is pure as driven snow and wants the world to know it.

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However the Jat beauty isn't planning to save her virginity for the marital bed. On the contrary, she thinks sex is fun and has no qualms about getting down and dirty before marriage. "To be honest, I am still a virgin because I haven't found the right person to get into a relationship. But personally I find the idea of a girl preserving her virginity for her husband quite outdated and repulsive. It is this kind of societal repression that is driving the youth to frustration and giving rise to crimes against women. The need for sex is natural and the more you seek to curb it, the stronger will be the backlash," she insists.

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Mallika is not the only one who wants sex out of the closet. There are others as comfortable discussing matters carnal as they are about slipping into the barely-there outfits for their films.

According to Priyanka Chopra: "A healthy sex life is vital to a person's well-being, never mind if it's before or after marriage. Your body should be your only guide in deciding whether to have a physical relationship or not."

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Despite her lack of inhibitions, the former Miss World feels sex should be a private affair. "For example if you were to ask me if I am a virgin, I would consider that too much of a personal question to reply. But while I may not tell you whether I have had sex or not, I would certainly have no problems getting intimate with a person of my choice in case that is what I want. After all sex is no different from other things that you do in life," she says. JACKIE: YOUNG DIRECTORS HAVE NEW IDEAS click for larger view Jackie Shroff is a talented actor of Bollywood. He has traveled a long way from the chawl where he was born to where he is today in the galaxy of veteran artistes. After shooting to fame in Mumbai, he has recently done a Bengali movie too. An honest police officer of Izzat, Ram Lakhan and Teri Meharbaaniyan now turns to be a serious writer and a committed lover in Dobara. This is his latest movie, which hit theatres last Friday. Smashits met the veteran actor in New Delhi on the occasion of the release of Dobara.

Excerpts of his interview:

After a long time you are back to Bollywood. How do you feel?

No, it was not a long period. In between I had entered into Tollywood. I was working in a Bengali movie Antromahal of Rituparna Ghosh.

Have you delivered dialogues in Bengali in this movie?

I have tried to deliver dialogues in Bengali. I am trying to learn Bengali and dubbed the dialogue in Bengali. If she does not like my dialogue modulation then she can change it.

What was the experience of working in Bengali film?

Nice! I have absolutely sweet memory of working in a Bengali movie.

What is your experience of working with young directors?

click for larger view It is nice to work with new directors because their mindset has gone under a tremendous change. The new directors come out with new ideas and you can learn new things from them. It is a good experience to learn new things from new people on different occasions.

Why did Boom fall flat?

It was indeed bad. I do not understand why it so happened. Maybe it was due to the loss of my VCD, resulting in its being pirated in the market.

Was it a semi porn movie as alleged by many?

It was surely not a semi-porn movie. It was nowhere near some of todays movies. Its wrong to allege it a semi-porn.

Is your character different in Dobara than your other movies?

click for larger view Yes, this is quite different. Here I am playing the role of a writer who has just got married to another girl betraying his first love. After a long time his first love comes back and asks him why he got married. So this character is different.

Dont you think that your character is very unusual in this movie?

click for larger view Yes! It is nice to perform these kinds of roles. It is an interesting thing that people are coming out with new ideas and new stories even after hundred years of cinema. So it shows how new generation is full of ideas.

Do you devote your time to any other activities?

click for larger view Yes! I like to help senior citizens and street children. I think all are now taking it seriously and it should happen. All should come forward to help street children and senior citizens.

How come you are not doing leading roles?

Nobody offers me lead roles. I love to do them. However, I am happy with the roles offered to me as in Devdas, Teen Deewarein and Yaadein.

Do you mind getting non-lead roles in films?

No, not at all. I come from a chawl where I was born. I lost all my near and dear ones. This has taught me a lesson that everything, including money and success, here is momentary.

What roles you like most?

Well, I like friendship; the role offered to me and of course money.
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