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Katrina kaif and shahid kapur have the best lips in india

Published on Friday, 14th of October, 2005      26913 Reads

Mumbai, October 14 By Our Bollywood Reporter Ms Divya Chawla Ok, we have had awards in numerous categories. But ever heard of the ‘Most Beautiful Lips Award’? Well, that’s the latest award to strike India straight from US, where it’s an annual event. And the first winners for the ‘Most Beautiful Lips Award’ in India happen to be Shahid Kapur and Katrina Kaif.

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Shahid won over other worthy contenders like Shahrukh Khan, Said Ali Khan and John Abraham while Katrina had competition from Aishwarya Rai, Sania Mirza and Shobha De. We are just wondering what the criterion of selection of these Best Lips is? Do the winners have to perform with their lips?

The contest is organized by an American lip care brand, Blistex that has collaborated in India with Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd that is owned by television actor Anuj Saxena. Incidentally Anuj Saxena is making his debut in Bollywood and his movie too is titled ‘Lips’.   Divya Chawla
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Katrina Kaif
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